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Sydney Sunrises - Harbour Side



May 14, 2017

Dwight D'Cruz











"The morning dawned bright and sweet, like ribbon candy"

The thing about Sydney is that you are never short of a place for a sunrise location. Facing East, Sydney offers the harbour or northern and southern beaches and provides countless areas to capture the dawn of the...



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Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, Katoomba, NSW, Australia

April 29, 2016















This is part of the Wentworth Falls, in the Blue Mountains, Katoomba, NSW, Australia. The photo was taken using my Canon 5D Mark III. What I love most about this photo is that by extending the shutter speed, I was able to turn the running water into fluffy cascades of...


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Roadside Shoot on Way to Bathurst

July 2, 2014







I love the lines in this photo and the colours of the scenery. I took this when I ws on my way to Bathurst NSW. This is a rural, country area, where there are shades nature everywhere you look and it's disected by the greyness of the tar road I was travelling.